About Us



Westfield Education Fund (WEF) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation run by a Board of Directors comprised of Westfield parent volunteers. We were established in 1991 by community members, in partnership with the school district and Board of Education, and have been striving to make meaningful impact for our children and educators ever since.

Why We’re Here

WEF supports innovative projects that strengthen and enrich students’ academic experience but fall beyond the school district budget. Most of the district’s budget is allocated to critical ‘fixed’ costs such as salaries, transportation, supplies and maintenance. Discretionary spending is limited and little remains to support innovation. Westfield Education Fund fills this critical gap.

We aim to be a driver for innovation in the Westfield Public Schools. In our view, innovation is a mindset that embraces creativity, problem solving, taking risks, learning from your mistakes, and continuous improvement. Being innovative in education isn't just about trying out the latest instructional technology or teaching tool. It’s about finding new ways to engage, inspire, and empower students through meaningful, relevant learning.

what we do

Westfield Education Fund has invested over $400,000 in grants to our schools, reaching every school in the district and every area of the curriculum. We fund proposals from teachers, school administrators, and central office staff and have supported projects ranging from Chromebooks and iPads to literacy materials and circuit boards. (See more about the projects we have funded.)

During 2018-2019, WEF is focusing our fundraising efforts on an exciting new initiative to build and expand MakerSpaces in Westfield’s elementary and middle schools. A MakerSpace is a learning environment where students can design, invent, and create together. MakerSpaces give students of all ages the opportunity to engage in real engineering and design work through hands-on, experiential learning in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). It also supports project-based learning across all areas of the curriculum. (See more about our Makerspace initiative)

MakerSpaces have become popular in high performing, innovative districts across the country and we believe it’s time to bring them to ALL Westfield students. All donations this year will go toward this important and high-impact initiative.