To date, we have invested more than $400,000 in grants to our schools, reaching every school in the district and every area of the curriculum. Since 1991, WEF has funded grants to teachers that strengthen and enrich students’ academic experience but fall beyond the school district budget.




All Westfield public schools receive funding via WEF initiatives.



grants funded

We’ve provided $400,000 funding since our inception.


recent efforts

We’ve funded $150,000 of grants in the past five years alone.

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A significant portion of our grant making has focused on funding various technology tools to integrate into instruction. Schools across the districts have received Chromebooks, iPads, computers, printers, interactive projectors, document cameras, and camcorders to support student learning.

Highlights of other recent grants include:


  • Competitive robotics teams (Edison, Roosevelt, WHS)

  • Foutan board circuits to support science instruction (WHS)

  • Tremor Table to extend an earthquake unit in middle school science (Roosevelt)

  • District-wide STEM Initiative: Review and Revision of Science Curricula to Transition to the New Flashmasters devices to support math learning (Franklin)

  • Next Generation Science Standards (all K-5 schools)

  • Makerspaces (McKinley, Tamaques, and Roosevelt)


  • Editing suite for the Blue Devil News (WHS)

  • TV Studio upgrades including new iMac computers and video production equipment (WHS)

  • Nook readers for cognitively impaired students (WHS)

  • Newsela Pro service to support digital annotation of differentiated informational texts (Edison)

  • Team to compete in the annual High School Fed Challenge (WHS)

  • Listening center materials to support literacy (Wilson)

  • Chromebook class sets for project based learning in social studies (Edison, Roosevelt, WHS)


  • Upgrade and expansion of the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface Lab) (WHS)

  • Supplies for an artist study project (Jefferson)

  • Band room acoustical treatment (WHS)

  • Hot wire styrofoam cutter to explore sculpture (Roosevelt)


  • Provide stress reducing experiences such as yoga and meditation (WHS)

  • Wiggle stools to enhance student focus (Tamaques)

  • Project Adventure curriculum materials to support social-emotional learning (Washington)

  • Outdoor classroom (Roosevelt)

Have a grant suggestion for innovative learning? Share your ideas!

We are extremely excited to be dedicating the generous donation from the Westfield Education Fund to both support and expand the quality of our STEM programs at Edison Intermediate School. Students and teachers require a specific environment to effectively collaborate, explore, build, test, and tinker while learning design and engineering principles. I am excited to begin this work, and am incredibly grateful to the Westfield Education Fund for their continued support in furthering technology education in our schools.
— Matt Bolton, Principal of Edison Intermediate School
We are so appreciative of WEF’s support of our technology program and your commitment of $10,000 to support our STEM learning. We will be allocating the grant funds to start the renovations of the new STEM learning space to better allow for flexible groupings for project-based learning.
— Brian Gechtman, Principal of Roosevelt Intermediate School