NJ Makers Day

@ Roosevelt Intermediate School

WEF funds Makerspaces at schools across the district. Roosevelt Intermediate School used materials provided by WEF as they participated in NJ Makers Day.


  • March 20-22, 2019

  • Roosevelt Intermediate School

  • Throughout the day, classrooms of students in grades 6-8 visited Roosevelt's Makerspace to participate in engaging STEAM activities. 

  • A goal of Makers Day was to introduce students to new activities, like coding and robotics, in a fun and engaging way, encouraging students to take classes and join clubs in these areas in the future

  • Some of the Maker Day stations included Dash & Cue Robots, Squishy Circuits, and littleBits

  • Students experienced the Makerspace's brand new Zen Den – a quiet, stress-free oasis with comfy seating for students to color, draw or meditate

makerS day PHOTOS

I love utilizing inquiry and discovery-type learning in my science classes. I look forward to coming back to the Makerspace next week with my students to use the materials here to help them better understand electromagnetism and circuits.
— Ms. Andrea Poppiti, 8th grade science teacher at Roosevelt