Powering Innovation In Our Schools

We strive to enhance the quality of education in the Westfield Public Schools by funding high-impact, district-wide initiatives that will promote a culture of innovation and enrich students' academic and social emotional learning.


WHAT IS THE WEF? hear from students:


About Us

Westfield Education Fund (WEF) supports innovative projects that strengthen and enrich students’ academic experience but fall beyond the school district budget. Most of the district’s budget is allocated to critical ‘fixed’ costs such as salaries, transportation, supplies and maintenance. Discretionary spending is limited and little remains to support innovation. WEF fills this critical gap.

We aim to be a driver for innovation in the Westfield Public Schools. In our view, innovation is a mindset that embraces creativity, problem solving, taking risks, learning from your mistakes, and continuous improvement. Being innovative in education isn't just about trying out the latest instructional technology or teaching tool. It’s about finding new ways to engage, inspire, and empower students through meaningful, relevant learning.



To date, we have invested more than $400,000 in grants to our schools, reaching every school in the district and every area of the curriculum. Since 1991, WEF has funded grants to teachers that strengthen and enrich students’ academic experience but fall beyond the school district budget.




All Westfield public schools receive funding via WEF initiatives.



grants funded

We’ve provided $400,000 funding since our inception.




In the past five years alone, WEF has provided $150,000 in grants.

WEF board

Board of Directors

We operate as a volunteer run, 501(c)(3), non-profit, community-based independent organization, that raises money to assist the public schools to maintain and enhance the quality of education in Westfield.

We are always appreciative of new volunteers, including school ambassadors who act as liaisons between the Ed Fund and parents/staff at each Westfield school.


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